Today’s Health Update
Friday:  Sugar Is Your Enemy

Friday: Sugar Is Your Enemy

December 3, 2020

The average person consumes 80 lbs of sugar annually, and 17 teaspoons daily.  We are destroying our health with sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  It not only destroys veins, arteries, raises acidity, increases free radical damage, but also causes us to crave more sugar.  

Thursday:  Do You Stink?

Thursday: Do You Stink?

December 3, 2020

Unusual odors come from toxins, poisons, and excess waste not be eliminated properly in the body.  MSM+C can help line your digestive tract and GI so you can eliminate toxins properly, come get a bottle today!!! 

Wednesday:  Healthy Immune Combo

Wednesday: Healthy Immune Combo

December 3, 2020

Do you need an insurance policy to protect from getting sick, help keep your immune system healthy, and help improve your overall health?  Come in and purchase IS3 & MSM+C and get 30% off your first purchase.  Add Terminator for extra 

Tuesday:  Fake News Magnified

Tuesday: Fake News Magnified

December 3, 2020

These conservative news junkies are media titans that are buying the media out and taking over the news for one reason; to push out the truth and replace it with well convoluted lies.

Friday:  Feel the Difference

Friday: Feel the Difference

November 25, 2020

Using Ultimate Fruits & Veggies, MPS 70, & MSM+C are all natural methods to supporting the body at a cellular level, and you can feel the difference as compared to prescription drugs.

Thursday:  Political Failure

Thursday: Political Failure

November 25, 2020

No nation on Earth is more successful than the United States of America, so why would we want a socialistic government that allows 10% to flourish and keep the other 90% in poverty, sick, and underprivileged?

Wednesday:  The Truth About Health Care Continued

Wednesday: The Truth About Health Care Continued

November 25, 2020

The epidemic of human suffering has been increased to dangerous proportions since the 70's.  We went from being the #1 healthiest nation since 1972, to the 18 and 19th healthiest nation in 2020.

Tuesday:  Future of Health Care

Tuesday: Future of Health Care

November 25, 2020

We are addicted to sugar and junk food, yet our hospitals would be empty if we where pH Balanced.  Come see the results for yourself and choose natural health today!!!

Monday School 88: He defeated Death for our Salvation

Monday School 88: He defeated Death for our Salvation

November 25, 2020

The disciples where called Christians, the first to worship a man who was bold in his faith.  They became witness to him defeating death and the world, what an amazing story of Salvation.

Friday:  The Truth Unleashed & Andrographis

Friday: The Truth Unleashed & Andrographis

November 19, 2020

Did you know the CDC is a private organization?    Extend your life, lower inflammation, reduce deficiency disorders, reduce the lifespan of bacteria, and viruses with anti viral supplements like Andrographis and other immune system boosting supplements. 

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